Coffee Date....

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The littles and I just found out about the cutest Starbucks mini cups. After sharing a Tall coffee all the time, the boys were more than thrilled to each have their own! I think they are the cutest things. The cups, and the boys;) 

Sometimes the smallest things can make you happy:)

It's about that time of year again...

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We call it "Allergy Season".
There are a few of us who get them pretty badly.
Our little man Samuel didn't last long outside while raking leaves this week. The wind was blowing all kinds of everything around;)
Poor guy came in, took a Benadryl (which makes him very sleepy) and set himself up in the rocker. Just like this. Work boots and all. Wrapped in Abuela's afghan.

Somedays it's the small things...

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Have you ever craved a candle? To light one and let it's scent fill your room and make it cozy? That happened to me. But I didn't have any candles!
Thankfully, it wasn't like that for too long though;) 

Don't forget to take joy in the small things today...

The glowing sunset.
A brisk beautiful breeze.
Hot coffee on a cold day.
Tennis balls and a racket.
A warm cozy sweater.
A small Yankee Candle.

Alike. But different...

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This picture. 

I love how Mama's face is full of loving laughter. 
How Abuelo's eyes twinkle softly and his mouth quirks up in the faintest smile, even when he seems a tad serious. 
Mama's hand grasping my grandfathers arm. 
Abuelo's Air Force jacket and hat, worn with quiet pride; making us so proud too.
Father and Daughter. 
So much alike, but yet so different.

This picture is beautiful to me.

Shiny Blue....

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This picture is a little blurry and a little out of focus, but this was such a hilarious moment in our lives that it doesn't really matter to me how bad the picture is:)

Santi recently received a brand new, shiny blue bike from two very dear friends of ours about a month and a half ago, on Christmas Eve.

Before then, Santi had never really ridden a bike. When he was around 7 or 8 he tried a small one fitted with training wheels, but his scoliosis made riding difficult. More than likely, when we rode our bikes up and down our long driveway playing "bumper cars", Santi was on his scooter, which he loved! And believe me, his not being on a bike, but on a scooter instead, did nothing to hinder him from joining our "bumper car" game;)

But these two precious people wanted Santi to have a big bike with three wheels and a basket in back for carrying whatever he wanted. This was so sweet to us! We wondered how Santi would do as he does struggle a bit with forward leg coordination.

Well, Santi is on that bike almost every. single. day! He quite regularly comes into our room asking us to move the vehicles out of the driveway so he has room to ride. It's amazing and beautiful to watch. He has mastered the forward motion of his legs perfectly. He's still a little slow, but he's steady. We did try a bike ride down the road one day and realized "that was a disaster!" it was a liiiitle too soon for that!!
I love watching him check the mail on his Shiny Blue. He rides to the end of our driveway, jumps off his bike, runs (Santi's run is so unique. It's like a hopping/skipping run!) to our mailbox, grabs all the mail, runs back to his bike, quickly, but with a nonchalant way about it, dumps the mail in his basket and slowly pedals back to our front porch. He loves checking the mail. He has a specific day and everything.

But on this day, after collecting all of our junk mail letters, we had an accident. With our mail though, not the bike. It seems that Santi's basket isn't quite "hole proof". And, as he pedaled back to home base, one of our letters met it's end in the very oily chain of Santi's shiny blue bike. Treasure put it perfectly: "and it just happened to be "real mail" too! Why wasn't it junk mail?!" He felt very bad about it, but you know what? After we heard the details and saw the letter in so many small pieces, and Anita went and actually found even more oily pink letter evidence in the yard, we had SUCH a laugh about it! How in the world?! And it was really quite funny to try and figure it out, piece by piece.

You know? It was perfect. Just what we needed to happen that day.

Santi's shiny new bike and a shredded pink letter.


Ladies Conference!

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Please join us for our Ladies Conference on the 21st of this month! 

Christmas Musical...

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Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas musical at Heritage Bible Church is just next week!! We would really love to see you there! Please join us as we celebrate our Saviors Birth!! 

A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

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Our church was able to give Thanksgiving meal baskets away this year. We have done this in the past and the privilege to be apart of it is really special. I love doing it every year.

We were able to give 16 baskets away.

Anita put together a short video clip this year of the shopping and giving away. We thought you might enjoy it!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The Heaven's Declare...

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"The heavens DECLARE the GLORY of God; and the firmament sheweth his HANDYWORK."
Psalms 19:1

Autumn In Indiana...

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We've really been trying to help Fall hurry itself along here in Florida. We hauled our Fall decorations all the way down our precarious attic ladder, went crazy wanting to buy every pumpkin-spicy and apple-y scented candle out there (you can never have too many candles!) I think a couple of us even took a sweater or two out, and, in true faith, laid it carefully in the corner of our drawer, waiting for that first crisp morning. (that probably won't really happen till January everyone!)

Taking this trip to Indiana though, there was no hurrying along anything. We got there for the first cold snap of Autumn. It was beautiful. The leaves were just changing their coats there. We had a couple of really cold snappy days and many chilly afternoons and evenings.

We took a hike one day and it was absolutely gorgeous. The leaves were crisp under our feet. And instead of our ants and lizards in sandy Florida, there were these little spiders in the crunchy pebble-y gravel of Indiana. That was weird for us and Titus freaked out a bit every time he spotted one!

I am so grateful for the kind, sweet and funny people we met while away. We had a great time getting to know you and seeing a beautiful corner of Indiana!


"I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth...
O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together."
(Psalms 34:1,3)


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I know this is a tad bit late to be posting this....

But our family is packing and preparing to be in Indiana this weekend to visit friends and sing this Sunday at Independent Baptist Church of Montezuma.

If anyone who may be in the area would like to attend, please feel free! There will be a Sunday morning and Sunday night service.

Please pray for us as we travel up tomorrow!


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Hunter (Bitty-Boy) is one of our children who attended Vacation Bible School this year. Even after VBS had ended we would pick him and his two sisters up for church on Sundays. 

Bitty-Boy has been indelibly marked on our hearts. He is innocent and full of life. We pray he comes to know our Savior as we know Him. 

He moved away recently. Maybe for a long time, maybe for just a short time, but we will miss him. 

"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."
Matthew 19:14

Oliver Peter is Here!

Arriving on September 15th, he weighed 8 pounds exactly and was 21 inches long. His coming was long and a little hard, but we are thanking the Lord that he and Ariana are doing very well!

The Little Man Turns 11...

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He keeps us young, as they say. A constant spark and full of energy. Compassionate, even down to Simon the cat. He is competitive and is determined to beat you at "Beanopoly" (the caffeinated version of Monopoly!) He wants to be a good example to the other little boys around him that we pick up for church on Sundays. He is so creative and comes up with the most amazing things! He really loves Jesus and wants to please Him with his life.

We love you Samuel. We are so happy to have celebrated 11 years with you!

Happy Birthday Treasure!

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you embrace this life that God has given you. you really want to live every moment. you don't mince words. you love for real. 

Happy Birthday. We love you.

Happy Birthday!

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A tad late:)

Summer Days...

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"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine..."
Proverbs 17:22

Making Hay...

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That's what I like to call it. It's mesmerizing, watching them go up and down and back and forth across the big fields, fluffing the grass to eventually roll it all into hay bales. 

This is one thing I've always loved about Summer.

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." 
Galatians 6:9

Moments of VBS...

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Wow...Vacation Bible School is over. It seemed a whirlwind leading up to it and then another whirlwind living through it. But a good whirlwind! Every day was an opportunity to ask God for an extra measure of grace, patience and much joy! 

We had many new faces this year, but some faces we have seen for the last 5 years of vbs! I so loved watching the anticipation on their faces every new morning. 

"I brought my Bible today!"

"I need my name tag because nobody knows my name!" (every morning Ms. Sandy was faithful to pass out fish sticker name tags for all the children)

"I brought a "friend", my poppa, Poppa Smurf!"
(Thank you for coming Poppa Smurf, we really enjoyed having you;))

The little ones have so much energy and they are so excited for life. After a couple of days, they loved us freely, even though some of them come from very broken and hard homes. The first day of VBS, three brothers registered, but every one of them had a different last name.

In a blog post we put up near the end of last year, we told everyone how we get day old bread from our nearby Publix. We have 2 very specific trailer parks we are able to help through this bread. And not just bread now. We have gotten to know the lady at Publix who oversees the day old bread every weekend. Not only does she give us bread now, but at times we get canned items and pasta too, soap, some shampoo maybe, crackers and chips. We are able to box these up and go door to door with food. Over time, Dad has built a bridge to the people who live in the parks. The children will run out of the trailer homes, some with windows completely missing and stuffed with sheets and no air conditioning, yelling: "The bread dude is here!" or "The preacher's here!" Some days, they are barefoot and very dirty.

This week, we learned the names that go with the faces of the children who call our Dad "the bread dude". This week, we grew to love them. We heard a little of the children's lives. We listened as they told us how scared they were one day when another boy in the neighborhood threatened them with a knife. And he, just as young as they were. Picking them up in the morning sometimes meant waiting outside on the front porches littered with cigarette butts and beer bottles, listening to angry, yelling parents inside. Some days they had no food, and we began to carry granola bars with us for them to eat on the way.

We brought bright colored hair bows for the little girls one day and two of them let us braid their hair. One little girl had broken flip-flops she wore every day. Our hearts went out to her perfect contentment in her broken shoes. We were able to buy a cute pair of pink flip-flops for her. Her eyes sparkled all the way home that day.

Dad was our "bus man" and would regularly pick-up and take home 7-8 children each day. They grew to know our blue van as "the bus" and one day as they were piling in for the ride home, our Luke, not understanding, took off towards the van faster than I've seen him do in a while! He raced to the front seat, reached his big hand over the head of the little boy about to climb in, pulled open the door and said in his deep "Luke-ish" voice: "I get the front seat this time!" (Luke loves the front seat!) They stared at each other for a split second, the little boy confused, until I called Luke away and explained to him that Daddy was taking them home first, then we would go home. Then he was perfectly fine with that! I laughed there on the sidewalk at my big "little" brother. He was completely comfortable with the children all week, and they with him. I loved that.

Thank you to all who prayed for us this past week. Three little boys asked to receive Jesus into their life. We are so happy for them and ask for your continued prayers as we reach out to them. They are the most precious little guys. Their lives are hard ones. Not filled with unconditional love and the protection many of us may have grown up having. Please keep these little boys in your prayers.

These little faces will always, from now on, be recognizable to us. We spent valuable moments in their young lives. I know it was not in vain. Because they may remember. One day, the children may remember the Bible stories, or maybe the food, or maybe, maybe, just the love...


Here are some of our favorite moments from last week...

 Our dear Ms. Emma Jean ready to pass out coins in return for a "Thank You!" She is so passionate about life and The Lord Jesus!

 Our faithful Kitchen Crew.

 Finding the Lost Coin in our dessert!

 Poppa Smurf with his grandchildren:)

Lilly's new flip-flops:)

The children...

Some of our wonderful volunteers! Thank you all so much for your hard work and loving hearts!
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