Monday, April 30, 2018

Wesley Huron...

We would like to welcome little
Wesley James Huron
into this world!

Born to Ben and Ariana on Thursday, April 19th.
6 pounds 15oz, 20 inches long.
He is a chunky little guy and loves to eat!
Big brother Oliver warmed up to Wesley right away and loves to be near him. We are so thankful for God's goodness!  

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou
camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee
a prophet unto the nations.”

Jeremiah 1:5

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Try to Catch Him Smiling...

Abuelo tends to end up in many of our pictures these days. He rarely smiles anymore, but sometimes we manage to get a smirk out of can see it in his eyes.

A day at our house...
We sometimes want to shake up the day and we'll pack him up and drive him over to San Ann. It relieves the occasional tension in the house in Lakeland if he's grouchy and he genuinely seems to enjoy his time, especially with the little guys running in and out and around him:)

He loves the gazebo at his house and so do we. He built this gazebo, and we have some great memories connected to it. I wish we could pack that up and take it with us when we move them over.

It's also the perfect spot for haircuts! Especially when the Spring weather is gorgeous and you don't want to be cooped up inside. 
On this day he was in a bit of a mood and did NOT approve of my haircut;) He said I wasn't getting paid and definitely wasn't getting any tips! (Not that he was in the habit of paying me before, but he seemed to want to make that very clear to me that day!) we are about ready to sing! He traveled over to our church that evening to hear his grandchildren sing at our family concert last month.

Monday, April 16, 2018

La Casita....

This March marked a year of Abuelo's Alzheimers diagnosis. 

Around September of last year, we started praying and seriously talking about our future plan for his care. 
My grandparents live forty five minutes to an hour away from us and throughout this whole year we have taken that drive up to 3 times a week, back and forth. God has given us stamina to do this, as well as the finances for gas and it has been amazing to see His provision. But with a new year ahead of us, and not knowing where Abuelo's health might turn from one day to the next, we started praying about an addition onto our home here in San Antonio. This was a huge step, but one that we increasingly felt great peace about. 
This would enable us to care for him right next door, without all the travel of back and forth. 

Our family was hardly together for most of 2017, and even though we knew God was and is in control of the circumstances surrounding our life, it is difficult at times to not be a part of certain things. 
Luke has a toy cellphone that has seen the most activity through this year EVER in it's entire "toyhood"! He is constantly calling Peter, Jonny or one of us girls asking when we are coming home; saying that he misses us and telling us what he did that day.
We use FaceTime quite a bit! We will even send things through the mail, even if it's just for laughs! Singing together has been put on hold aside from events closer to home when it is possible to either bring my grandfather with us or ask a friend to watch him for the evening until we can get back that night. 
These months have certainly stretched us and grown us and I can say without doubt that it has been good. God knows exactly what we need.

So, after prayer and planning, we broke ground and the new addition to our home was started in December of last year. It is coming along very nicely and at this point in the building process we are picking out flooring and cabinets and paint! 
Even though this addition connects to our home, it is basically an apartment all it's own. My grandmother will be able to cook and do laundry and everything she normally would do here in Lakeland. My grandfather will still be cared for by us, it will just be closer and possibly easier to schedule different things into our family schedule that weren't possible last year.

Please be in prayer for all of us as we start to pack up our grandparents home and prepare to move. Some days are very emotional as we navigate through the many memories that surround so many items either hanging on the walls or in the drawers and even furniture pieces Abuelo so beautifully made with his own hands. 

My grandmother has started calling this new place "La Casita" meaning "little house" or "the little home" because it very much looks like our home, only smaller. We loved the name, so "La Casita" it will be.

God's goodness to us is great and mighty and we thank Him for His direction and leading through every single step.


Monday, February 19, 2018

Our Family Concert...

These days are full and busy for us! One of our strongest desires during these months has been to take each and every day, and l i v e it with intention and soak in the things that we might otherwise consider mundane. And that is a hard thing to do when you live out of a suitcase between Lakeland and San Antonio from week to week and your mind seems to want to shut down and "survive" the days instead of  l i v e  the days. Pray for us as God continues to guide us through every step of this journey.

Something I would also like to let everyone know about is our family concert coming up in about 2 weeks now. This has been planned since last year and now it's right around the corner! It will be at our church in San Antonio and we will also be serving light refreshments afterward.

We are not professional singers! We DO in fact get nervous, run out of breath, sweat, forget entire lyrics to songs, slip, trip and sometimes fall:)
We practice and rehearse and really strive to do our best, not only for the people who attend, but also for Jesus Christ. His glory is our number one priority. Without Him, this would not be happening.

So we would really love to see you there! Anyone is welcome! If you have any questions, feel free to call or email using the info on the flier or even comment below:)


Huron Family Concert

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thank You....

Our grandfather can no longer remember what the significance of Veterans Day is. 
But it was one of his favorite days. It always made him cry. His service was important to him.
We wanted to remember the day somehow. We have been reminded lately of the value that a picture may hold for the future, even on the harder, not so fun days. We grabbed his Air Force hats on our way outside. It was drizzling and he wasn't too happy we had him out in it!

The three of us siblings were caring for Abuelo last weekend, so that's the reason we are the only ones in the pictures:)

Thank you to everyone who served. We are very grateful.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Baking for Fall...

These are phone pictures, so they aren't the best quality. But I was so excited to try a new recipe. It's called a Pumpkin Spice Dutch Baby Pancake.
It was really easy to whip up, and tasted amazing.
Especially with Treasure's pumpkin spice whipped cream dolloped on top:)
I don't know about everyone else, but we are so excited about Fall finally making an appearance around here!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

This Life....

It's been awhile I know.... 
But I've thought about everyone here. Wanting to let them know where we are in this journey of life. Wanting to thank you for your love and support of our family.

There have been a few who have contacted my grandmother because they read the blog and found out about my grandfather. It's been a little hard to let everyone know. 

Ion, if you still read the blog now and again, thank you for calling Abuela. She needed to hear what you had to say. Thank you for loving our grandfather the way you have. Your name will still occasionally be said by him, even though we may never know what he is thinking. Please know that you mean so much to him.

To everyone who calls just to talk to him, even when he may not talk back to you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I think sometimes it's more for us than for him. And for ALL the cards, flowers, hot and frozen meals that you bring week after week, thank you so much. 

Since the last post, our life has had many many twists and turns in the road! But, we thank the Lord that He has enabled us to find a routine that has made our care for Abuelo these past 6 months fairly smooth. There are many decisions still yet to be made when we talk of the future, but God continues to give us so much peace through it all.


"These things I have spoken unto you, that in ME ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.{John 16:33}