Saturday, November 19, 2011


We inhaled the cool weather and it's scents. Gazed at the beautifully changing leaves on the mountains. It was wonderful to spend a week in Georgia. We browsed small antique shops and boutiques, hiked mountain trails, picnicked by lakes and sang hymns around campfires while filling our stomachs with warm sticky s'mores.

Poppa and Nana open their home to us every year and we grow closer with passing time. Every year it's harder to leave than the last....watching Poppa sing; Jesus shining through....Nana's tears trickling through fingers that cover her face while watching Samuel's baptism video; my heart giving a jolt as I realize the strength of love....what precious memories God allows us to make and to keep until next time.

It was still dark and frosty cold the morning we left. We hurried around packing last minute things, rolling sleeping bags and tying shoes. Thomas the Train coloring books and half peeled crayons got tucked into backpacks for later. Sweet-Pete pressed his prized, orange glowing leaves between pages of a book. We gave hugs one last time, and waved goodbye...

 Getting wet under Dry Falls...

Only nineteen minutes apart!...

 We visit this spot every year...our favorite place to picnic.

We could have had a fish fry with all the fish we saw...

I love "becation"...

 These little animal puzzles were great for on the road and cold rainy days...the little guys loved em'.

"Tube Steak" dinner at Poppa and Nana's...


Cozy evenings...

"Every man is king of his castle...until she arrives..."
We love their castle...

Look what Treasure bought in Highlands with her pocket change!

We wanted to buy this until we looked at the little white tag...and then again, maybe a photo is cheaper.

All Anita asked Luke to do was: "pretend like the bird is biting you!", and this is what he did...
We love this photo because it shows that Luke completely understood, thought it funny and played along!

Time to hit the road!


  1. Aww, Looks like y'all had a Blast of a trip:) Love the waterfall pics and all the smiling faces:D
    Glad you all had such a fun time, and were able to soak in some of that beautiful weather while you were at it!

    In Christ,

    P.s. LOVE Treas's new car!! Sweeet;)

  2. Looks like you all had such a cozy, relaxing time! And I definitely love the pic of Luke and the bird! So precious!

    Love to all!

  3. I LOVE the pictures. Very nice photography to the one behind the lens. Treasure, Christiana is so excited!! Now that you have wheels, and nice ones at that, y'all are ready to hit the road :) The picture of Luke and the way he, without a doubt, understood. It's the best.
    The coffee pics, awwwww, too cozy!! You sure saw some amazingly beautiful things, for sure. Sound like an incredible trip.

    Love y'all,
    Momma P

  4. Wow...such beautiful pictures! Thankful that God saw fit to give y'all a wonderful family "becation". Treasure...your new car is the height of stylishness! ;)


    P.S. As y'all can see, I've enjoyed catching up on y'all's delightful blog posts! =)