Monday, April 9, 2012

Grandfather Love

Two years ago our local Staples had a promotion on a large 24x36 color print on a special, new high gloss, heavy paper for free! We love pictures, and we love coupon deals, especially a free $50.00 value picture, so we had a sister print done and were super pleased with it! But it just managed to stay rolled up in the original Staples bag, tucked away behind our armoire…for two years.
We recently gave our room a new paint lift, taking down everything from the walls, of course, and afterward deciding to rearrange things a bit. Out came that frameless picture. We all agreed we really did need to get it framed…our eyes met and we knew the perfect company to go with…Grandfather and Co…
Abuelo is a wonderful and talented woodworker and enjoys the times he can get into his workshop...he just has to be in the right mood!
It was Thursday…pizza day with our Grandparents! Abuelo was relaxed and rocking in his rocking chair drinking his coffee, and slowly munching his favorite ginger snaps, made hot and fresh by Olivia. We decided to use our Granddaughter influence! We made our request , showing him the print and explaining our need for a frame, and how big it would have to be…he simply said, “Oh yes, I can make that for you! Just give me the picture and I’ll see what I can do…”
Our Grandmother said quietly, “Good luck! I’ve tried to get him to make me a frame for years and I haven’t seen it yet!”
Well, our Abuela doesn’t have the Granddaughter influence. Last week our Grandparents came over with lunch on our usual Thursday, and brought a surprise…a beautiful frame, sprayed with a granite rock finish, and holding the sister picture. Of course we let him sit in his chair, served him his coffee and placed before him hot ginger snaps on a special plate…
We have a wonderful Abuelo and are sure that we’ll treasure our frame even more because it was made with Grandfather Love…
Right now it’s in a corner awaiting a nail, in a stud, on the right wall…but it’ll soon be up...=)

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  1. Love it!! (I hope he's in that wood shop making Abuela one :)

    Beautiful pic of beautiful sisters.
    Love you