Sunday Dinner at Abuela's....

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::This is somewhat belated, but still wanted to share::

Tonight we ate dinner outside. Even though it's already pretty hot during the day now, our evenings have been beautifully breezy and cool. Sitting on our porch relaxing tonight, saying nothing, just enjoying, reminded me of how gorgeous Resurrection Sunday was! What an amazing day to celebrate our Risen Lord. My grandmother cooked a scrumptious meal and we sat outside on their porch soaking up the beauty and peace of the afternoon.

There's something about walking into my grandparents house that I just can't describe. The love that surrounds immediately the door is opened. I notice the smell of delicious things cooking even before I receive my coveted hug and kiss from Abuela standing at the open door. Laughter instantly fills the house and lingers around us through the afternoon and into evening by way of funny stories and shared memories... and just because. Abuela and I absentmindedly pushed the swing we were sitting on back and forth, back and forth; my arm linked through hers, our heads resting together....silently observing a game of *Escoba; watching Abuelo with his grandsons in the gazebo and relishing the gold-glowing sun slipping further down in the sky...

My grandparents stand at the top of their driveway every time we pull away, waving us a goodbye that leaves a warm feeling deep down inside every one of us, lasting until we pull into our home...


*Escoba - a card game Abuela played as a young girl in Spain

Abuela's wonderful home cooking...

Enjoying the weather outside together...

And apple pie for dessert!

"The Lord hath done great things for us; Whereof we are glad." 
Ps. 126:3

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