Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Remembering Gram...

Yesterday was a special Home going service for Marilyn Panico, someone very dear to us...someone we called Gram...

Marilyn Panico was such a big part of our lives...

It’s hard to remember when we first met Marilyn Panico, but there came a time when she asked us to call her “Gram”. And it seems like she’s been our Gram forever.
She was constantly making us laugh and she had a way of saying things that would keep us in stitches!
We have enjoyed numerous car ride adventures, trips to Starbucks, every single Birthday celebration in our family, competitive Hand and Foot games on Sunday afternoons, and when she couldn’t get around as easily because of the advancing stages of cancer, we took advantage of Skype and popping in at the house for lunch.
We enjoyed watching our two grandmothers (one, Spanish, one Italian) become fast friends; sharing crochet patterns and famous family recipesJ
Something that always stood out to us about Gram's life was her affirmation through words. It didn’t matter if you she knew you or not, she always had ways of expressing her love and making a new friend. Whether a stranger in the store, a nurse on the night shift, a new doctor, she always had the perfect words that made anyone feel special.

Today, we love to think of her in Heaven listening to music that we’ve never heard, seeing sights we’ve never thought possible, and seeing colors that we’ve never imagined... We love to know that she will be laughing her same contagious laugh, only full of more brilliancy and joy…we love knowing she’s well, contented in Heaven...and cancer free.

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