Saturday, September 22, 2012

He's Watching?

I don't think we realize how much our little guys watch us until something happens like it did yesterday....

It was about mid-morning; breakfast finished and boys gone to work. Everyone was busy with other things when we hear the doorbell ring. The little boys love it when that happens and we generally know who is at the door seconds after it is rung! I hear: "Ms. Sandy's heeere! Ms. Sandy's heeere". I walk out of our bedroom, through the kitchen and toward the front door.

And then I saw him....

There is a large rug right inside as you walk past our "welcome" sign and into our house. If you come unexpectedly you might walk in to find a couple pairs of  muddy working boots, dusty tennis shoes, a stray flip-flop and maybe a set of child size 10 crocs on this rug.

And I saw him...little Samuel, hunched over double, attempting to scoop the entire collection of unsightly shoes across the floor and down the hall...calling out the whole time: "Girls! Ms. Sandy's here! Ms. Sandy's here!"

I watched, first in surprise and then quiet laughter! His small bent back; fists clenched around heavy work boots. So the countless times we olders had rushed around cleaning and putting away when the unexpected car pulled in, he had been watching?

We've taught him well...



  1. Olivia, I just love that story. It put a smile on my face. God is good and as you can see, we are good examples to young ones, whether we know it or not.

    Mrs. Schoonover

  2. Ms. Claire,
    Thank you for commenting!
    Yes, we are an example...I'll never forget the days when you would spend lunch with us children. Teaching us songs and games. How special it is to me now, looking back.
    Thank you,