Saturday, November 3, 2012

At the Seaside...

Hello All! Just back from our two week vacation! And anyone knows you don't need much explanation for that...we relaxed. Slept in. Played late. Ate "goodness" food. Laughed....

The Beach was cold but perfect. We would bundle up and sit at the oceans edge all day. Sweaters and sunglasses. Books and sketch pads. Building sandcastles and mini swimming pools. Goldfish crackers were a staple food! Something about the salty breeze and those small yellow crackers was just amazing:)

A couple of us tried our hand at fishing! We took a long walk to the pier and cast the lines. Nothing worth keeping, but it sure was fun to try! Anita can finally say she did it!

Coffee and cappuccino together with an ocean sunset was the perfect ending to our days...


Ready to build those sandcastles!

Best sandcastle ever made...


Feeding the Titus' face.

Luke was content to sit in his chair with sweater and HIS sunglasses!

 But, the boys had to experience the water. Jump those waves!

"Unposed" makes the best memories...

Love. Sisters.

Obey all rules...

Love this picture, especially because of what we didn't mean to capture...
(nobody panic, it was only a dolphin!)


Try to keep your line from entangling in other lines...ok?

Pretty tasty, that fish...

The boys were so excited about the beach everyday we could go down.

The beach had a natural slant down to the waters edge, and was perfect for whizzing down in the garden wagon!



Lighthouse climbing!

"The sea is His, and He made it..." Psalm 95:5


  1. What beach did you go to. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Kimber-Leigh

  2. Kim,
    The beach was in GA. Tybee Island.
    Yes! We had a great time!