Monday, November 12, 2012

Autumn Mountains...

Ahhhh. Hot coffee with hazelnut creamer, Crisp golden leaves that crunch under our flip-flopped feet, chilly sweater weather, creamy pumpkin dip with ginger snaps, rousing games of four-square with family, steaming bowls of Brunswick stew, jumbo sized marshmallows that make deliciously gooey messes...the list goes on!

It's an unspoken family tradition to visit the Kilwins Candy Shop every year. We love that place! You push the door open and the sweet smells surround you. Caramel apples, pumpkin fudge, peppermint bark, peanut brittle, chocolate covered coffee beans...The choices are endless! Unfortunately, not so our wallets:) Selections were made with much carefulness, the little boys talking amongst themselves while pointing at the big glass displays to show some newly discovered treat. We walked away with the cheery voice of the shop owner saying: "See you next year!"

One day the boys went on a hike that would lead them down 500 steps to a beautiful waterfall. The plan was for all of us to go, but circumstances came about that changed that, and the boys assured me later that I never would have made it that's...good. Thank you guys. While they were away we sisters and mother took a stroll down the lane and across the street to peruse the little shops in town. We ate ice-cream and looked at antiques and stored ideas away for fun projects to try.

Thank you to all who prayed for Mom as she spoke at the Ladies Conference while we were away. The five of us girls were also asked to sing a few songs. The Lord blessed us so much! He showed His love to us through the loving service of the ladies there that day. I was struck with the sweet truth that no matter where we home or not home, in a different state or different church; we can meet people we have never met before and we can sing together, laugh together, cry with one another, pray together and love each other because of the Salvation we have together in Jesus Christ and the relationship we share with Him.

We've made it back home and are anticipating the coming holidays and making more memories together!


 Dad was "fixing" an injury and Bella was concerned!
 What a gorgeous day to be outside!

Our beautiful Mama...


 We love toasting marshmallows around this fire!

Likin' the hat Mom made...

 We miss you Poppa...

Strategy is key:)

 Postcards to family!

 The sweet tea Queen!

 The "quints"...

You've arrived at the candy shop folks!

   Decisions, decisions...

 And he's made his choice!
(I just love this picture!)

 Caramel apple for Sweet Pete!
 (he was kind enough to let us try a bite, and it was amazing!)

 So many to choose from...

Peppermint bark for me...

 We like this...we're from the South.

The last hike of our trip...

Don't give up! You're doing great!
(Someone obviously knew the pain and felt for those who were to come)
The view was amazing!

It was worth the long trek...

 "Jony, we're here! You can open your eyes now!"

 "Throw out the anchor!"

Rolling in the leaves.
(children must have done this 100's of years ago!)

 The boys miss Bandit too!

Wish we had a road like this one to ramble down on a cool afternoon...

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