Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fall Gathering...

Our family loves this time of year. We seem to work faster, play harder, and bake more! It might be all in my imagination though...

With all this fine weather, we recently had a couple families over for dinner. What better way to try all those new recipes we found. Light all our candles. Paint our door RED.

We thought up a fun game for the little's to play. It involved great big orange pumpkins, balloons, birdseed and a friendly scarecrow.


"Enter into His gates with THANKSGIVING, and into His courts with PRAISE: Be thankful unto Him, and BLESS His name." Psalm 100:4


  1. Was that friendly scarecrow not ITCHING?!?!?! Looks like fun times! ....except for the scarecrow. Seems to have had a good time, but can't get over the itching part! : )

  2. I LOVE SEPIA TONES. These pictures make me happy.