Monday, November 19, 2012


The last few nights I haven’t been able to drift off to sleep before thinking about our life and what special and amazing things the Lord has done this year. There was one thought that just wouldn’t go away and that is the blessing of my sister, Cilicia. Cilicia is fourth born and truly an inspiration and a sweet picture of surrender to whatever the Lord calls her to and I am so thankful for her life.

Three years ago October, she suddenly started having terrible headaches every day.  She would wake up with a headache, and go to sleep with it, never to have relief…for three whole years. At first we thought she had a sinus infection, and then food allergies…just eating veggies? Maybe being gluten free was the key? And so began and still continues this journey that she and our whole family are traveling. She has seen many doctors, specialists, naturalists and has had x-rays, MRIs, adjustments, medications and so much more without any relief or answers to why she suffers like this. Some have called her condition DPH, Daily Persistent headache. With each new doctor and each new medication or supplement, she has entered with much hope that healing is within reach, and then grace to accept that her headaches remain constant and the same. There are days when we cry to the Lord for strength as she goes through extra hard days, and we are confident that He hears us. He reminds us in His Word that He knows; that His ear is inclined unto our cry (Psalm 40:1). Cilicia has been able to thank the Lord for everything, and fully accept this place, this place of drawing near, still nearer to the Cross. This joy in sickness isn’t an act or outward display of false thankfulness… She constantly thanks the Lord for her good days and bad, and you can’t but be inspired to trust the Lord more in your own life and live a life of complete surrender. When she can’t finish sewing projects or attend church or certain functions because she is in such pain and has to lie down, we all go to our quiet places and pray for a miracle. Oh that she would be whole again! When she has a good day, our hearts feel lighter and we silently pray for more such days. 

Just recently our family was singing at a church and someone came up and mentioned that they had heard of Cilicia’s headaches and wanted to share that her husband had been labeled DPH just before they married, and that he was now healed! She shared stories of the Lords faithfulness to them and then prayed the most sincere prayer for Cilicia. The sheer thoughtfulness and comradeship of someone in this kind of journey was humbling and so encouraging. And so has been the outpouring of prayers and support from many of you readers. To know that Cilicia isn’t in this alone grows her faith and expands her perspective of her suffering. She isn’t waiting until she is better to live life intentionally, but is living life intentionally now, and Lord willing, just continue right on when she is once again headache free. My family and I are so grateful that she has chosen this better part. We are so thankful…..thankful.

Love you sister…I am full of thanksgiving, as is our whole family, that you are ours.


  1. We are with you...Love you BIG!!!
    Unc & Auntie

  2. Just reading this. . . I'm way behind! Cilicia, God has a plan and purpose for everything He hands you in life. I'm so glad you are accepting His perfect plan with joy and not with bitterness or even a lack of enthusiasm because, obviously, it wouldn't be your first choice of life's roads. But God's plans are better. Who knows what wonderful things He has in store for you even if that doesn't mean healing. I've learned from experience that often the rougher times in life lend ministry more effective and meaningful. And they take you places you would never have gone otherwise. Those times offer so much more joy to giving and serving and so much more thankfulness when "counting the blessings".

    Love you and pray you'll feel better soon!