Thursday, January 10, 2013

Little Things...

On a cold rainy day when the sun refused to show its face and the little boys were getting restless inside, I told them to grab jackets and run for the van! A "field trip" to Dollar General was on the docket! Dollar General is the newest attraction to our small town and the boys love to save their dollars with the anticipation of spending it there. The rules of the field trip were this: buy any 1 thing you want. But it has to be one dollar or less. It's pretty amazing how fun that can be! Six boys perusing the isles looking at the prices intently. Sighs of disappointment at something for $1.25, and wide grins when they spotted the ice-cream sandwiches in the freezer for, What?! 1 dollar?! Our purchase made we headed for the lake nearby and enjoyed our cold sweet treats in the cold rainy weather!

It's sometimes the little things in a day that bless you the most...the little guys blessed me with their sweet gratefulness for simple things, their big smiles and sticky fingers and the closeness they share as brothers...


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  1. SO TRUE!!!! In the 'rear-view mirror', everything changes... What we think is big and important right now, really becomes insignificant as the years roll by!