Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Control Joints...


My husband pours concrete as a home business. He preaches for a life business….

He pours the oozing mud and time solidifies. Rock solid over shifting sand and careful forming creates a Sure Foundation.

He does that with his preaching, too. We sheep, of loose sand and shaky ground, gathering for Sure Word; Truth like concrete pouring forth and filling cracks, closing chasms, making solid that which is weak. Every Sunday, a new layer of ‘logos’ and we are made solid.

Bible Rock on shifting sand……

Do you know what a “control joint” is? It fascinates me. Straight, even, carefully chiseled lines, striping the new rock. But why mar the smooth glassy surface? Why break the smooth?

I asked Santiago about them the other day while on a date. I often ask him to explain various aspects of his work.  He explains that concrete cracks. It always does….it’s the nature of concrete to crack during the curing process. Control joints CONTROL the disjointed! They relieve each feathery fracture from the stress of curing. The stress of hardening…..those straight lines put there by the contractor to carry the breakage along….along the weakest points.

Weakness, he explains, harnesses the break and makes the foundation stronger! Solid surety along weakest insecurity together on one rock slab prepares it for the future job of supporting a structure.

Solid surety and weakest insecurity……

I immediately think of the word DISCIPLINE. I’ve been thinking a lot about it and how much I need it. I need those control joints to harness my weakness and make me strong….

“My grace is sufficient for thee:
for my STRENGTH is made perfect
Most gladly, therefore,
Will I rather glory in my infirmities,
In reproaches,
In necessities,
In persecutions,
In distresses for Christ’s sake:
For when I am weak,
Then am I strong.”


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  1. Ana,
    Such a beautiful analogy! I love it!
    Lord, mend my cracks and make me stronger, I pray!
    Thank you, Ana, I needed this!
    You always inspire me and put things so well that even I can get it!
    Love you dear sweet turtle lover!