Monday, February 25, 2013


Happy Birthday Daddy! You are amazing...We love your zest for life, your desire to work hard to provide for us and your unwavering passion to preach Jesus Christ and His word. We love the reminder we heard recently: "Always be aware of people around you in your "everyday", because you may be the only Jesus they will ever see". You teach us through your life to never be afraid to talk about the Lord. To praise His name. And as you say, to be on FIRE for Christ!

You do us proud...

 We Love You So Much....
We are thinking about you and missing you as you spend your special day ministering in Honduras.
Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy birthday! May God bless you with many more!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Beloved Pastor and Friend, Santiago!
    You are such an inspiration to filled with God's love and ready,willing and eager to share the Gospel to anyone and everyone you meet. I am so touched how you show your love to your "precious" wife and your beautiful children. You are truly blessed! May God continue to bless you and your family with many years to come!

    It's an honor to know you!