Friday, March 22, 2013

The Lighthouse

We were able to sing for a Lighthouse Ministries event last night...
We have been going down memory lane because about twenty years or so ago, Daddy would take Anita and Joshua down to the Lighthouse, and Anita, the little person that she was, would play the piano and sing with Joshua. Now there are a lot more of us, and we still enjoy serving together as a family.

We were very blessed by the message given by Allistair Begg from Mark 14. He spoke on the woman who anointed Jesus' head with precious oil. He talked of not only the gift she gave, but her devotion to Jesus. "She did what she could, with what she had."
"She hath done what she could, she is come afore hand to anoint my body to the burying."

There are many different circumstances here in our home, different personal decisions to be made, and every day, the choice to follow in the steps of Jesus...this was a message of making the sacrifice of not only loving Jesus and following Him, but making the hard choices, even in the face of opposition...standing alone. 
"...Let her alone; why trouble ye her? She hath wrought a good work on me."
As we ended our night, we knew that this message was for us...for the woman with the was her best. For the woman with the two was her all. What is our best?


 A kind man offered to take our picture...but the trouble with such a large group is the obvious...if you don't get close, you might get cut!


We were so grateful for these men who helped us get set up for the evening...Dan, the sound man and Bob from Moody Radio.

And of course it was great to see our friends the that we could go and get ice cream afterward...

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  1. Wow! What an event! I know the Huron Family made it extra special! Love the Leivas! They are some very special folks filled with God's love! Looks as if everyone one had a great time.