Monday, April 29, 2013



This is our very first giveaway! We are so excited to be sending this amazing little package off to one of our readers! This just might save you a shopping trip for Mother's Day, or...if you absolutely can't part with it, you can keep it for yourself:)

Chevron is so fun....especially when you can wear it around your neck! This small glass pendent dangles from a beautiful, yet simple silver chain. It may be mini but makes a BIG statement. So Special. This fun necklace is featured on our shop: The Sister Shop.

Ok, on to to enter you say?

1. Leave us a comment sharing 1 thing you love about your mom...AND

2. Head over to our shop and let us know in your comment what your favorite item is.

Please don't forget to leave us your name! 

Feel free to pass this giveaway on to your friends and share on your blog!

Mother's Day is in 13 days...The drawing will be closed at midnight on Friday, May 3rd. This giveaway is closed.


  1. My Mom is so selfless and a complete giver.Her laugh is contagious and i love her. I enjoyed your shop too! So lovely. I have fallen in love with the Blue Sky chevron earrings...

    Love your blog!
    Irene R.

  2. My mom is such a wonderful example of a supportive wife and Godly homemaker!

    Your shop is adorable! I love the chevron earrings and the adorable bird's nest necklace!!!!

    Miss you guys! :)

  3. What I love most about my sweet momma is the legacy of love she left behind...whenever I would say "I love you!"...she would ALWAYS say "Love you MORE!"...This will be my first Mother's Day without her...I am grateful that my sadness is overshadowed by the joy of knowing she is with Jesus for all eternity...and one sweet day we will meet again!
    Mom enjoyed visiting The Sister Shop...and so do I =)...everything is uniquely creative and as wonderful as the sisters who handcrafted each item...though it's hard to choose...I would have to say that my favorite item is the Coffee Shop Flower fact, a cup of coffee would be really nice right about now =)

  4. I love my mom because she prays for me every day.

  5. I think the thing I love the most about my mother is her unselfish giving. As I look back at all my mom went through, being a missionary wife and raising 9 children.... She gave her whole life for us and I'm thankful!
    It's hard to pick just one thing in your shop.... I really like the jewelry and the pink purse, oh and the red chevron quilt( beautiful job Anita)!

  6. Something I love the most about my mom is the legacy that she has given me. She has always been an amazing example of a Godly wife and mother. She has taught me how to live a life of principles and morals. In her example, I learned to be faithful to my husband, church, and relationship with my Savior. She's not perfect, but the Lord has used her in my life so much. Thank God for a mother who prays, loves, and has always supported me unconditionally!

    Lisa Wilson

    I Have Been Blessed- Glass pendant necklace

  7. When I think about my Mother I think about how she always points us to
    The Lord and how she always has been and is still willing to go out of her way to serve
    us or help us in any way she can even. I love everything in your shop :) the quilts are beautiful love the baby blankets too.
    Maybe some day I will buy one.

  8. There are many things that I love about my Mom, but since you said "ONE" thing....I think what I admire most about my Mom is that she doesn't complain. Growing up, I never heard complaints about how hard it was to take care of all 11 of us, or how being a pastor's wife can be trying at times, or how much housework there was to do. I pray that I can put forth this same attitude towards my husband/children!
    Your shop is really nice! So many beautiful things. I really like the chevron jewelry, especially the brown dangling earrings.

  9. My favorite thing about my Mom is her hysterical laughter. She makes me laugh. I think she would love the Preppy Blue Raspberry tote.....I also like Sebastian Willis.....your shop is very unique...great job!

  10. I love my Mom so very much! My mother is the only Mom I know that reads books with different voices for different characters...she laughs in such a contagious way, that I join her! She prays with such trust, I want to know The Lord like she does...she loves others so freely...I want to love like she does! Oh what a beautiful gift God has given to me in my mother...

    I LOVE the post earrings!...I love your shop...

    Robin Woods

  11. One thing that is so beautiful about my mom is that her words bring such life!
    I love all the items on your shop, but I must say my favorite, is Leona the doll.


  12. Wow!! Only "ONE" thing I love about my mom??? What to choose...

    I love the fact that I can share anything I have on my mind with her (over a cup of java, of course) And she's always there to just listen and give me encouraging words of wisdom or just laugh when I need a laughing buddy:) She's the best!!!

    Great contest by the way;)