Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Name (nyAH-may)

Our grandparents come over almost every week. It's so fun! We plan to bake cookies and make coffee. We almost always have pizza and then sit and enjoy the afternoon together. Abuelo will more than likely take an impromptu snooze on our couch while the little boys giggle beside him. Abuela will either work on knitting or talk about the latest recipes we've tried and cooking memories from her home in Spain.

This week when our grandparents drove in we spotted a dirt covered, gnarly, lumpy root "thingy" in the back of their trunk. They burst out laughing and went back and forth in Spanish for a few sentences. We, the-grandchildren-who-know-no-Spanish waited for the interpretation:) It was explained that they had been delivering a few of these mysterious roots to a friend and one of them must have fallen out of the bag and back into their trunk!

 This immediately turned into a fun impromptu lesson on how to cook the amazing root called, Name. (Pronounced nyAH-may) Abuela is such a beautiful teacher. She loves talking to us about every detail of the process and makes it so fun. Can you imagine if we had to read the process from a book?! Without any pictures maybe?! I'd much rather have an Abuela:)

I thought about it as the root boiled away in a pot on the amazing that God would create such a thing! Something so earthy, so black. It didn't look like it would be anything else but a plain root. The inside though was a beautiful white. A little sticky and slimy feeling. I thought about myself, a sinner; so black, and of this world. But alive to Christ's forgiveness and salvation! Made whole and white through Jesus Christ! A little sticky and slimy though, as God continues to mold me to Him and wash me with His word.

 She went to town chopping up this root!

Make sure to peel away all the black skin...

While Abuela was chopping, she instructed us to dice up tomatoes, onions and garlic and start it sauteing on the stove. Anyone passing by our kitchen at this moment would have been drawn into it by an invisible force because of the aromas wafting around us!

 You let the Name boil until soft. Much like you would a pot of potatoes. Drain completely.

Add the tomatoes, onion and garlic in with the Name until all those yummy juices are incorporated throughout.

Enjoy! Which we did:) It was very similar to a soft potato but a little more grainy. And the taste was different than a potato. Very fun to try and experience!


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