Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Storm Pizza...

 Alexis was feeling overly ambitious a few days ago and decided to make calzones for dinner and cinnamon rolls for the next morning. So, while the 20 plus cups of flour worth of dough was rising in neat lined up bowls on the counter, we lost our electricity. No power, no oven, no dinner. Losing power due to storms isn't all that odd for us Floridians, but mom made a call and we heard that it was going to be about three more hours before we would have power again. The little boys thought this was great fun, but not their sisters! While the boys whooped and hollered their way to their rooms to gather every flashlight and light device they've collected, we decided to quickly freeze the cinnamon rolls and have storm pizza/calzones on the grill. It ended up being very fun and we all ate dinner on the front porch and sipped iced tea. It's the little things in life that sometimes make the best memories. You should try storm pizza sometime....



  1. Hehehe... I love this post!! Sometimes all you can do is laugh and move on to plan B :) I love the picture of the little guys in the dark! Love you <3

  2. That first picture is totally creepy.

    That pizza looks like it was totally delicious, though.