Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Picnic...

It's officially Summer in Florida folks...we've had our first picnic! Very hot and humid with a side of thunderstorms; we decided it was perfect weather. With our fold out chairs set up by the smoking grill we watched the boys fill countless water balloons for our obstacle course later that day while enjoying everyone's fellowship. 

For Father's Day we were all asked to share our funniest memory with our Dads, with the top three funniest stories winning a prize. Let's just say I had a story that won first prize!



  1. And. . .? Are you not going to share??? :o)

    1. Valerie,
      I just know it would never sound the same if I wrote it out! You know how that is:) I'll have to tell you the funny escapade when we see each other face to face...which is next Friday right?...for coffee and chocolate cake?;) I wish it were so!

      Love you and have been thinking about you. You are much in our prayers,