When I Was Four...

Some of you may remember I posted this a couple years back for Father's Day. I wrote it as a keepsake for Dad:)

Written by Olivia. Sketch by Our Ben.

We were little. I was 4, my sisters, Cilicia and Alexis were 6. We did pretty much everything together. We played together, ate together, got spanked together and shared a queen sized bed together in a room strung all over with yarn chains we had crocheted together.

One night after being put to bed way too early in our 4 and 6 year old minds, we sat huddled together in the middle of our vast bed telling each other stories. We loved making up “gripping” titles for our stories and then building the story as we went along. They weren’t really scary; mainly all about hidden doors and lost keys.

Suddenly, right in the middle of a story, we all agreed we had seen something slip under our bed. The light from the hall coming in our door wasn’t enough for us to see and we were too scared to climb down from our three story bed, walk across our endless floor and turn on the light. When you’re little and scared of the dark, you can never, ever seem to get back to your bed or to a light switch fast enough. We were supposed to be sleeping anyway!

We had a whispered consultation; the two 6 year olds and the one 4 year old. Now, let it be stated that I was juuust a little outnumbered here. Two older sisters that look exactly alike, talk alike, think alike, are the exact same age and oh, yeah, they just happen to be TWINS! This wasn’t looking good for me, and we weren't even passed the planning stages yet. It didn’t take them us long to come to the very wise conclusion that I should be the one to investigate the underside of our bed. It was explained to my young self that I would be lowered down, head first, my legs securely gripped by the twins who could regulate my decent much more evenly together than if one of them was going down there. They wouldn’t drop me. They promised. As soon as I looked and found out what was under there they would pull me up. They promised. To this day I don’t know WHY I said ok, but being very easily influenced at my tender age, I did agree to the plan. You shouldn't be surprised. This wasn't the first time they did this to me.

So down I went head first; my curly mane of gel free hair making shadows on the floor beneath me. Our bed was so high by the way that it was like climbing and descending Mount Everest every night and morning. I’m convinced now, it was a tactic used by Daddy and Mama to keep us in our bed at night. Well, it was working up until this night when we decided to change all rules and regulations.

I remember in my upside down state, reaching the point where the bed skirt ended and I was facing total blackness. There I hung, suspended upside down, my fingertips brushing the floor. The next thing that happened I clearly remember. Something licked me. It was wet and warm. It went from my eyeballs all the way to my nose. This did not feel safe. Nope. I screamed which set off a chain reaction and Cilicia and Alexis screamed too. I remember feeling an instant release of my legs and had a fleeting thought that this was "not.a.good.thing." At all. My head took the brunt of the fall. Alexis and Cilicia say they don’t remember much of lowering me down (I’m sure they don’t) but they do remember trying to pull me back up as I bobbed up and down grabbing at their hands, sheets, blankets; anything to just getmeoffthefloor! In the middle of all the screaming going on, Daddy skootched out from under our bed, laughing in that way that we all recognize as the ultimate of laughs. He calmed us down, talked with us and put us back to bed. I don’t remember that we said anything at all to each other after he left. I can see us there now, lying three in a row. Our frizzy curls mingling together. Hearts still pounding. Nothing but the silence filling our thoughts...



  1. That's hilarious.... No wonder what's wrong with you, you poor innocent victim :-)

  2. LOVED reading this! It was hilarious! I remember when y'all were young :-). Miss y'all<3

  3. Loved reading the story again....if I remember correctly, we knew yall back then! Right? It's kinda funny, but that story makes me think of my girls of 4 and 7, doing the same type of things: being up talking when they're supposed to be sleeping and Justin sneaking in their room, scaring them :-)

  4. Katie, yes, you guys did know us then! This "incident";) happened in GA in the house we rented from the Blisitts (spelling?). It's interesting being an adult now and thinking that little ones never remember details of things, but in fact they do! The memories we make with them now can and will last a lifetime...


  5. I died laughing when I read this!!😂 I can totally see this playing out!! U girls are too fun! I remember doing crazy stuff like that with Jeremy and Josh when we were supposed to be sleeping🙈


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