Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Happy Birthday!

Today is special. It will never ever be just another day on our calendar of the year. God decided we needed someone who loves using unique words in her vocabulary and perusing the Thesaurus, someone who gets lost in reading all the old classics, someone whose smile is always radiant and whose love for her Jesus is straight from the heart. That someone is YOU...

We love you. Happy 19th!  


  1. Happy Birthday Treasure!!! We really enjoyed being able to see y'all at the beach!! Only wish we could have visited longer :). Hope you have a special day! Love, Becky

  2. Happy Birthday!!! You've been a great example and encouragement to me throughout the {it's been so long that I don't know how many =)} years we've known y'all! And now your no longer the "little" twelve year old who couldn't wait to be as big as the sisters...remember that?! =)
    I hope this year will be the BEST one yet as you continue to serve our Savior!
    Much love, many blessings and a hug...=)
    Psalm 84:11, Matthew 5: 13-16

  3. Happy Birthday Treasure! I hope you are having a special day and that you have many wonderful years to come!