Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ms. Nita...

Our concert was great last Friday night! We want to thank all who came and supported us, even some driving over an hour and a half! One precious lady and her daughter whom we hadn't seen in about 13 years came that night. When Cilicia and Alexis were still itty bitty, about 5, Ms. Nita taught them to sing alto in the children's choir at church. She was a wonderful teacher. "No whining, stand up straight, hands at your sides, don't give me that look and you know I love you", type of teacher. Fast learners they were...they dominated every other singer who participated! Alexis always mentions that if it weren't for Ms. Nita's enthusiasm in teaching her alto she would never have had that love for music she has today.  It was so good to laugh and hug and talk about old times with Ms. Nita and Karen!

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  1. Soooo thankful that God put Ms Nita in your path!
    Such a wonderful reward enjoyed by many!
    God has a plan..always!