Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chalkboard Napkin Rings

I can't remember where I saw the original idea for chalkboard napkin rings, but I was so excited when Paul helped me drag out the drill press, chop saw and the sander from the dark recesses of Dad's shed to make these beautiful blocks of wood we love to place our napkins in!

We used a 2x6 piece of pine wood and marked our 1.5x2" squares. The process went quite smoothly, I believe the most tedious part was sanding all sides of our 30 wooden blocks.

Thanksgiving is always a fun time in our home because there is always room for another chair for those who need a place to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Some of the best memories that we have of my grandmother, are the ones of always having room at her table for the one(s) who knocked at her kitchen door unannounced at dinner time. No stranger was "stranger" for long, and there was always room for the extra stool or bench. We love the Spanish saying, "mi casa es su casa". (my house is your house.) Grandmothers give us such rich inheritances of sharing love!

Back to the napkin rings...after sanding them, we painted them with chalkboard paint and let them dry. Chalk writes easily on them, and comes off with a damp cloth. Paul and I are quite happy with the results! Go here to The Sister Shop if you'd like some for your table...

The blocks sanded and ready for paint...
Have a great Thanksgiving...


  1. Grandmothers are special!!! I have many beautiful memories of my grandmother Alvarez..my mother's mother. She went to be with the Lord when I was about 12.
    Such a neat idea....really like the napkin rings! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. Where do u get the paint from?

  3. These are also great for tower building!

  4. Katie,
    We've had this same can of chalkboard paint for some time, but we are pretty sure we bought it at Wal-Mart:) We can tell you positively that Michaels sells and Jo-Anns too. But I would check Wal-Mart first. Happy Crafting!

  5. Thanks! I'll check the next time I'm there.... I just remembered to check and see if you had responded :-/