Monday, January 13, 2014

Chili Fest...

We started out the beginning of our year with a Church Chili Fest! We have made this a tradition in our church and every year out come our famous absolute best chili recipes. I even heard this year phone calls were made out of state for top secret ingredients. Coffee? Grape Jelly? Chocolate? Oh yes!

We all had so much fun tasting chilis and voting and winning:)


 Here are the rules...

 Get in line and take your vote!

 Ms. Erlene and her wonderful husband Leroy...

 many chili's, only three votes.

 Spoons at the ready!

 Patiently waiting...

Onions in a bag...Inside joke.

 Love this little guy...

Uncle Richard led us in the Drum-Roll...He was a great conductor:)

Btw, even though we were permitted to vote on our own chili we didn't...we wanted our amazing winning chili to make a name without our help:)

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