Thursday, January 9, 2014

For This Child We Prayed...

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Our family made a trip up to South Carolina to meet our new little grandchild and nephew! We knew that freezing cold weather with a slight chance of snow was in the forecast so we prepared as best as Floridians can under the circumstances:) We did some first-time ice skating and snow tubing; something that will probably hold lasting memories! The littles really wanted to see snow and told us they were praying really hard! We did get flurries and found "curb-side" snow the next day in town. Enough to make our mini snowman the boys named: The First Snowell. We must have looked quite a sight, blowing into our hands and stomping our feet while gathering the last remnants of mushy snow from the parking lot in the middle of town!

Meeting Kyler for the first time was beautiful. He is so very tiny and has the Huron tan:) Samuel was mesmerized and wanted to hold him and kiss him every second. Titus on the other hand was the complete opposite. One minute of having his arms around him was plenty. And no kissing. We passed him around the whole day and he never fussed...besides wanting to be fed now and again he was perfectly ok with all the commotion over him! He actually smiled for us a few times and he definitely responds to his Daddy and Mama's voice.

The Lord is so very good and gracious to us and we made it home safely after a wonderful five days. We are once again in the land of oranges:)


 Our handmade snowstorm!

 "The First Snowell"

 Happy with their first snowman ever...

 They have "uppity" snow plows here:)

 Two of our favorites, coffee and tea.

 He's not too sure about this ice stuff!

 Samuel was the little pro...

 Titus preferred the rails...

 We had fun laughing at ourselves and how bad we were at skating!


 This is real. First time a lot of us have experienced weather this cold!

 Two generations...


 Telling Aunt Treasure his baby woes...

 Love those dimples

 He's got his Uncle's dimples!

 Grampy...He's all mush:)

 Watching home videos...

 Talking to Daddy...

 Uncle Jonny...


 "For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of Him..."
I Samuel 1:27


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    1. Yes, we had a great time! Slightly colder than we're used to, but fun!
      Congratulations on your soon to be Sister-in-law! We are very excited for Jon:)