Monday, March 3, 2014

It's Your Birthday...

Our puzzle lover. You can't get enough of all those odd shaped pieces that somehow fit perfectly together, creating a beautiful picture. Today is your special day. And you like to enjoy every last second of it. You are so excited.
You are precious to us. The challenges you face every day that others around you do not, doesn't faze you one bit. You live life joyfully. With a smile on your face and a laugh around the corner:)
We couldn't be more proud and blessed to be celebrating 16 years of your life today.



  1. Ummmm. . . please tell me you accidentally hit the 6. Really?! Wow! Time is flying past way too quickly! Happy 16th, Santi!!! :0)

  2. SIXTEEN. Oh my gosh. Time flies!!! Happy birthday, Santi!!! :)