Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Work...

Our church steeple and small addition is looking beautiful! God continues to bless every board put up, every nail pounded in and every stray bit of fiberglass floating through the air from the newly placed insulation! A few of us went down earlier this week to install it and it sure brought back memories of when we stayed up till the wee sma's putting it up in our sanctuary:)

With the weather so warm and dry here it's been perfect for working outside, so we decided to do everyone's favorite pastime...painting!! It really was fun to see our house looking fresh for the summer.



Measuring and cutting.


Taping and cleaning

This unfortunate frog decided he couldn't resist plopping himself into Treasure's paint bucket. After pouring a bucket of water over him I think we might have saved him...maybe.

The paint crew:)

Our sweet source of energy...homemade iced coffee:)

God is so GOOD. ALL the time.

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