Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Real Reason...

The beginning of this week we packed our bags, goldfish crackers and music notebooks and headed for an overnight stay in St. Augustine. We always look forward to singing there. It feels kind of like a mini vacation even though we're back home the very next day. We love to explore the tiny shops, walk down by the docks, eat pizza at our favorite Italian pizza place and maybe share a Gelato or two.

Any concert we give or trip we take to sing we always feel God is asking us to look for Him in unexpected ways. To show us His power or His blessing or His promptings. Some days when we feel our singing was horrible or our instrument pieces were lacking, we will remember one thing, maybe a small thing, that God blew us away with. A reminder maybe of His love through other people or His great grace in a situation. More often than not we realize it wasn't our singing at all that brought us to these places but something infinitely greater....

Mr. Bill Brown is someone we always look forward to seeing when we go. He is the grandfatherly type of man you spot in a full sanctuary and instantly love by the merry twinkle in his eye and sunshiny smile on his face. He and his wife always make us feel so loved and we formed a special bond. This visit we didn't see Mr. Brown anywhere and having known he was under the weather physically we asked about him. Someone told us he was on oxygen now; his heart was weak. We couldn't imagine not seeing him so we hunted up his home address, called him up and said we were coming for a visit! We walked up his steps and rang the doorbell. The look on his face as he opened the door and wrapped his arms around my parents, tears streaming down his face is something that I'll never forget. My soul cried out to God, "This is why we came Lord. This is why we made the three hour drive here. Not just for Ancient City Baptist Church, not just for us and our singing...but for Mr. Brown."

Please keep our wonderful Mr. Brown in your prayers in the next coming weeks. He will be undergoing an intricate heart surgery and we are asking the Lord for complete healing through this surgery.

May we be challenged to see God in unexpected ways this Mother's Day weekend,


Goldfish? Check! Ready to go!

We've got this. Which way to the ice-cream shop?

Loved all the flowers in the windows!

We wanted this bike!

Walking on the docks was beautiful!

Samuel looks a tad nervous...

But Titus was waving goodbye to us!

Hungry and ready for PIZZA!

"Say what you want about the South, but nobody retires and moves up North"

Pirate Ships!

Samuel and his special package...a book on the history of St. Augustine.

Florida Cracker Candy Shop!

Grapefruit Gelato!

The "Twins", not twins:)

  Our Mr. and Mrs. Brown

This video does not start at the very beginning, but we still wanted to share:)

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