Saturday, June 7, 2014

More of VBS this week...

While we continue painting, mixing cement for cardboard bricks (this is so much fun!), vacuuming up dust from said cement, gluing and pasting and other such things, work continues on the small addition for our church steeple. We are excited as each new step starts as it moves us closer to completion of our new office! God is SO good to us!


The possibilities are endless with "dump" paint!

Spic and Span:)

Thank you to all who volunteered to help us one day! 
It was much appreciated, and we had so much fun!

Ms. Cynthia cutting out our tower flags...

Drywall going up...

So thankful for all the men who have given of their time and energy to make this steeple addition a reality. That includes my wonderful brothers who are willing to learn new things in the area of construction and lift up our Dad's arms during this whole project.

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