Thursday, July 17, 2014


Day #8 Yo-Yos

When I think of mid July, I not only think of hot summer days, white clouds that hold random rain showers and a month of three Huron family birthdays…I think of Christmas in July. You’ve probably been in the stores and seen advertisements for Christmas in July, you may even celebrate it yourself, but we never really thought much about it, never took special notice of it…until two years ago.

We went up to the attic, sweat dripping from our noses as we dug through boxes labeled “Christmas”, plugged in Christmas lights to see if they all worked, replacing the bad bulbs. “fluffed up” the fake winter green garlands and placed a snowman decoration for the front door greeting…all into a box. We were taking Christmas to Gram’s house.

We worked rather quietly, as Gram was sleeping and we wanted to give her the full Christmas effect when she saw what we were about. When the house was finished, the sparse “hole in the middle” Christmas tree looked beautiful.

A few days later, we celebrated Christmas…we opened gifts that we bought for one another, Uncle read the Christmas story from Luke chapter 2…and later that evening as Gram was helped to bed, she asked that her bedroom door be kept ajar so she could hear us sing Christmas carols. Our voices were constantly having to be cleared because of varying emotion. We silently passed the tissue box to each other. This was Gram’s last Christmas.

She made a difference in the world…

She laughed and made you laugh…

She teased, she made fun of you, she always got her way, she always loved you MORE…

Those months of going in and out of chemo treatments, for the most part, found her tired, but never dull or void of personality and fun. She took part in what was going on around her and part of that is why I chose today’s picture…a yo-yo quilt. We were working on this project with her, but never finished until yesterday. Treasure just finished the quilt and can point out, “the ones Gram did’.

Just three days after our Christmas in the middle of July, Gram left us for Heaven. Today marks that day two years ago.

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  1. Cilicia, What a beautiful memory of a precious saint. I didn't really get to know her before she took her flight to be with Jesus but I did see how much she loved each of you. Love the quilt...great job Treasure! xxoo!