Saturday, July 19, 2014


Day #10 A Saturday with Sisters...

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  1. Five Sisters

    We are five sisters
    Five sisters are we
    I love each of you,
    And I know you love me

    We're not always together,
    Life sometimes keeps us apart.
    But we're never separated
    We're in each other's heart.

    Now I know we've had our troubles,
    But we always get thru.
    The real message is you love me,
    And I also love you.

    We have had lots of good times
    That we'll never forget
    Sometimes we worry
    And sometimes we fret

    But if God ever gave me
    Something special you see,
    It might have been the blessing of,
    Five sisters are we.

    The Lord above has gave me lots
    Of happiness and glee
    But the most special thing he did was
    Make us sisters, all for Thee.