Tuesday, July 8, 2014

So Celebrate...

Our family likes to celebrate. Lots of things. Little things and big things. God's blessings are so great in our lives we just have to acknowledge it with celebration! It creates a thankful heart and a deeper intuitiveness into what some may call the mundane of the day. A completed math book, a freshly painted room, a hard days work, each other, turning another year older...the list and possibilities are endless:)

I am so glad to have celebrated another year on this earth. With my wonderful family who love me and encourage me and make me laugh and cry and everything in between! Jesus is so good!

Celebrate something in your life right NOW...And see if it doesn't change the perspective you might have on your day today!


Early morning coffee with my brother Ben!

 My sisters made me this beautiful wood wall piece. I just love it...

 My dessert was something some may call weird, but it was very good!
Coffee ice cream glazed-doughnut sandwiches (dipped in chocolate)!

"Thou hast put gladness in my heart..."

Psalms 4:7

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