Thursday, August 14, 2014


Day #36 "The Same...but Different"

 I can remember many times Alexis and I have really enjoyed our twinship...from singing side by side, staunchly singing our alto at six years old...smiling as one of us is hugged and kissed twice by grandparents who aren't quite sure if you were the one they just greeted...watching proudly, and happy at heart as the other sister has accomplished a difficult task...or even simply, whispering heart desires to each other before bed, and knowing you won't be thought weird or unrealistic...

But, I do remember the moment when we were seventeen, when we really appreciated our twin-ness...laughing at ourselves for just realizing for ourselves just what a special and unique thing it was to be, as mom always told us, "The same...but different". Sure, twin-ness may come with it's slight challenges...but it's great having you for my amazing look-a-like, Alexis and I wouldn't change places with anyone else! It's great being the same, but at times being totally different!


Can you tell who is in the green and which twin is in the white? :)
Another #100happydays here...

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  1. I'm going to guess Alexis in green, Cilicia in white. This guess is based on almost nothing at all.