Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Day #48 Santi

Where is the mission field?
Today I saw Santi sitting on his bed memorizing Psalm 23...he's always working on a passage of scripture, and blesses all of us here at home, as well as those at church, with his devotion to putting away scripture in memory! Santi stands there in church and quotes a steady stream of scripture some Sunday mornings with hardly an effort...so it seems. But it is truly an act of devotion to the Lord that  keeps him at it. It is so hard for him to memorize. When he's hard at it, his eyes get red with trying so hard...he may even start stammering...along with beads of sweat on his forehead. Santi keeps at it and reminds all of us who watch, to be careful of saying how hard it is to put scripture down to memory.
Santi's mission field is right around him, and a lot of the times, he doesn't even know it...

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