Monday, September 15, 2014

Happydays Un-captured

I've been thinking this weekend about all the unsaid and un-captured moments just in these last seven days. The moments when you know Jesus is so near. He is always near, but I sometimes forget to watch for answered prayer, and miss some of the greatest blessings! I'm talking of the moments that make you "happy" but cannot be captured with a phone or camera.

-Praying with a brother in the early morning hours.

-Kissing baby toes.

-Receiving a letter in the mail with a Dr Appointment paid in full.

-Watching God answer prayer through a sibling overcome sickness.

-Giving expectations to God, and being at peace with outcomes.

-Discovering a two day old, unread text.

-Watching Samuel grow in faith, and believe in miracles.

-Ben bringing home coffee.

-A sixty-seven year old lady believing in Jesus as her Savior.

-My uncle preaching on being the "Light on a hill" for Christ, even if it's a Florida five inch hill.

These are my "Happydays Un-Captured"

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