Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When the Relatives Came...

We have thoroughly been enjoying our visit with my brother and his wife and the cutest little nephew that ever there was! The last time we saw Kyler was in January. On that cold blustery visit, he thought the greatest thing to do in life was eat and sleep. And he was absolutely beautiful and soft and warm and snuggable then, but he's now nine months old and we are loving his little giggles, great big smiles and all his baby energy!

For Sunday afternoon lunch we had our grandparents and Uncle and Aunt over and, I should never be surprised seeing as we are Hurons and love spontaneity,  my cousin, her husband and their little chubby cheeked baby, Angel, surprised us and came walking in the front door! It was such a joyful, fun time for us and our growing extended family to see one another after quite a few years and meet the new little ones.



 I never intentionally plan to bake with Heather. We've had some accidents experiences together in that department in the past! But it's made for some really funny memories!

 Coffee with cream is the perfect Sunday morning perk!

Early morning smiles from this little guy...

 Our adorable second cousin, Angel, and his Grandpa.

 Kyler wasn't sure what to think of his Great Grandmother at this point in the day:) I think he was a little overwhelmed with all the attention he was getting. His face is absolutely priceless!!

 I think he was giving his Mama the "come save me" look!

 The first time Kyler laid eyes on our cat Quince, he gave him a couple of seconds and then let out the most heartbreaking wail ever and started sobbing! I think it startled him when Quince came out from under our dining room table. After that he seemed only to tolerate him, but it definitely wasn't love at first sight. I believe he likes dogs better:)

 Our little nephew/grandson is the most joyful, smiley baby and 
brings unbounded joy to all of us! We thank the Lord for this little energetic blessing.

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