Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Slice of Thanksgiving...

We love our small town. All the many people we've become acquainted with. We love that everyone knows everyone. We take walks through town and pause at the white picket fence to talk with Mr. Ted at the Inn while he rakes leaves out front. One sweet lady invites us in to admire her Christmas tree, another to listen to her antique music box. And we really just love all of it.

We have made it a tradition every Thanksgiving to bake a bunch of mini pumpkin pies, make a list of names and go around town delivering. It's our way of letting people know just how much they mean to us or to just to show them that people do care! This year, when it came time to make our deliveries, a cold front had settled in and it was raining! But the rain ended up not deterring us and actually made it that much more special:)

Do you have a Thanksgiving tradition that spreads a little extra cheer?


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