Sunday, November 2, 2014

Junky Treasures....

The weather down here in Florida is amazing today! 60 degrees and it's only November 2nd? Let's celebrate!

We actually did...we had a yard sale on Saturday:) We know everyone normally does their deep house cleaning in the Spring, but since Dad's office has been completed at the church we've been moving his books and files over and in the process, the inevitable happened...we stumbled upon, unearthed and re-evaluated lots of JUNK items to sell or throw away. This is a good thing! We have more space and everything feels fresher. Now you can light all your Fall candles and perk a pot of coffee!

Paul made the most fun, bright signs for our sale. The day he spent outside painting, it was pretty hot. Peter was so sweet and bought him a Coke Icee from Jiffy to cool him off. The very next day it was freezing! And tomorrow it'll more than likely be hot again! Florida...
We were setting up tables Saturday morning before the sun and Samuel was worried no one was going to see his sign for hot dogs and cold drinks. We explained it might be some time yet before anyone stopped in:)

With plenty of hot coffee and cocoa to drink, sweaters to bundle up in and our very own Yard Sale Mascot, we sold quite a lot of junky treasures.


 Alexis made her amazing hot and sticky cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

 Coffee! Come and get it!

 Samuel...our mascot for the day.

 Come on in! Yard sale here!

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  1. Yum! The cinnamon rolls sound delicious... Now y'all need to post the recipe for them :-) pLeASe....