Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rich Blessings....

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving and I sincerely hope everyone else had the same! We tried to do as much of our baking and cooking beforehand so, we told ourselves, "we can just relax the day of." But you know what? When it came right down to the last minute before turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce time, I could say we had about 15 people crowded in our kitchen (it may have been more...yup, it was more), and we were having the best time together! Laughing and talking, taste-testing our traditional shrimp scampi, tying on aprons and stirring the gravy, opening and closing the oven, running the dishwasher one last time! It was warm inside and everything smelled heavenly.

Jon-Michael and Mom have their perfect secret recipe for marinating the turkey with fresh citrus and spices and, mmmm!. They get up at "O' dark thirty", as Jon-Michael likes to say, and slide it into the oven. Mom says she doesn't particularly like the smell of turkey through the night, but I told her that every time I wake up in the night the Eve of Thanksgiving and smell the turkey, it always gives me a comforting feeling knowing she's in the kitchen preparing for our special day. 

So we took and clasped hands, thanking the Lord for...everything. We were a family. Parents, grandparents, grandchildren, dear friends. Putting aside everything else...dwelling only on God's abundant goodness in our lives, coming together to encourage one another and to thank the Lord for His rich, rich blessings on all of us.


We always try to be a bit creative with the place settings and these are my favorite yet!

Abuela makes the absolute best shrimp, I'm convinced of it.

Our miniature man...

 Time to cut the ham!

It was beautiful outside...

Our Uncle and Aunt dropped in and surprised us with a quick visit!

This is our Thankfulness Tree...we add a little here and there throughout the year, and since it was lacking in leaves a bit, we asked everyone to write something they were thankful for and place it on our tree.

Love seeing everyone together around the table...

 So many amazing desserts! This is Cilicia's Tres' Leches Cake.

To take in every last smidgen of crisp air, we walked to our local park where the boys played some ball and we talked and laughed a lot.

"We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing...

Sing praises to His Name; He forgets not His own."

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