Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve...

On Christmas Eve night, we have our close family over and enjoy a simple meal, admire all of our Christmas cards on our wall:) and then we always go caroling. As long as I can remember we've caroled on Christmas Eve. When I was really little we went with my Dad's brother and all of our cousins! We would climb into a trailer full of hay and maybe, maybe, some Christmas lights around the bed of the truck if it didn't short out on us. This year, it was raining and even though we had given up on going at all, we did end up running out in a 30 minute lull to sing at a couple of special places.

Even though the rain was unexpected and not what we had planned, Christmas Eve was no less special and still held the same powerful depth of meaning in celebrating Jesus Christ.


One of our favorite things at Christmas time are the many cards we receive in the mail! It's just about one of the best things:)

Paul was given a beautiful cheesecake for Christmas from work!

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