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One of the best ways to start out your Christmas morning is getting a picture of your adorable nephew...and your brother too:) Kyler is getting more and more expressive the older he gets! We miss his chubby cheeks and slobbery attempts at kisses.

After that we headed over to our grandparents for Christmas dinner! Abuela cooked an amazing meal. Everything tastes better at your Abuela's house:)

Christmas music and this little boy...

Our day wouldn't be complete without a puzzle put together by Santi...

Heather was sending us pictures throughout the day and we couldn't get enough of his cute face! See his little peach fuzz hair? Finally starting to show up on the top of his head!

Can anyone tell what this is? Mom was telling us about the memories she had as a little girl of her mother (Abuela) roasting chestnuts at Christmas time. Well, Abuela surprised us with two bags of chestnuts today! It was so much fun listening to her share her childhood memories of chestnuts with her father while she showed us how to prepare them! A beautiful new memory.

We slid the chestnuts into the oven and waited...

And waited some more...

Some of the best memories are made in the kitchen!

 After they were cracked and eaten, the consensus is that we aren't partial to chestnuts:) But we still had lots of fun with Abuela preparing them anyway.

Our family from Spain called! It was one of the most special things to "visit" with them! We miss all of you and send much love and hugs across the miles! We will never forget FaceTiming you today! It was so good to see everyone! Muxu!

Crowding around trying to all fit in the small screen...

We love you! Adios! Feliz Navidad!

 What a wonderful day! We hope a beautiful, grace-filled New Year to all of our readers. By the way, "muxu" means "kisses!" in the Basque language. My mother and the cousins in the photos above are from the Basque region of Spain. Muxu is an expression of tenderness between us. Each set of cousins were in different cities, my son and his family in South Carolina and we are in Florida. Isn't technology AMAZING? We connected across the world. Love to all! Ana

Merry Christmas!

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