Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Jesus...

Our little guys couldn't have been more excited about this party! A dear lady in our church hosted all 
the children for a special day to celebrate Christ's birth and to remind them how much Jesus loves and cares for them. Everyone coming to the party was asked to "bring a gift for a child less fortunate". Samuel very gravely came to us and whispered while pointing at the words: "what does a child less fortunate mean?"....

When they understood what it meant, there was no hesitation or holding back on what was given. Nothing new was bought. Favorite toys and games and even a beloved puzzle from Santi was wrapped up for someone else. You could tell he struggled a bit. Every puzzle Santi owns is special. We had a little conversation as he held his puzzle in his hands. "Santi, God wants you to give of what is precious to you. Even if it's hard. He will bless you in ways that maybe you can't even comprehend right now." And that was enough. A favorite puzzle was added to their little stock of presents.
And Jesus knew Santi's hearts desire and struggle over that puzzle. The very next day we decided to open a gift given to us Sunday night at our church Christmas presentation. We hadn't gotten around to it until 3 days later...1 day after the party for Jesus. 

A puzzle. A beautiful, intricate, many pieces puzzle. And Santi?..."I remember what you said. About me giving up my puzzle. God gave me a new puzzle." 

Oh, I was convicted. To have a heart as big as Santi's heart. To give, expecting nothing in return.


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