Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Gift is Me...

It seems as if just yesterday we were saying that the Christmas program was months away and then it was this past Sunday and now it's over. These days feel fleeting sometimes. We just want to soak in all the special moments and memories that come with Christmas....
And to especially remember why we celebrate and who we celebrate. Sometimes in all the rush and planning and program making, we forget that it's about Jesus. I felt a wave of peace wash over me Sunday night sitting in my pew as I listened to the children singing "My Gift is Me". All Jesus wants is us. Our hearts. The singing and instrument playing is really nothing without the Lord emanating through us.
Sunday evening went so well and we thank everyone who participated and came that night. We actually met someone in person for the first time who follows our blog! We were so surprised and excited! Maria, we enjoyed talking face to face and meeting your sweet friends!


The children's choir did an amazing job with their songs and we are so proud of them.

 So many people that came just showered their love and encouragement on us and we are so grateful!

Love this picture...laughter.

These three little boys are almost inseparable...

 So thankful for sweet friends....

"What I have to give to you cannot be bought or sold, it can't be wrapped up in a box or tied with strings of gold, it isn't perfect and You'll see it isn't even new, but Jesus it's the only treasure I can give to you...ME, my gift is me, all I am all I'll ever be, I'm not ashamed for the world to see, that it's gift is ME."

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