Friday, January 23, 2015

Moments That are Memories...

We packed our van and took a trip. And we traveled through the night. It's better for us that way because less coffee is drunk at 2a.m. which would make it necessary to stop for the bathroom every 15 minutes the littles sleep right through. After the initial excitement wears off for them, of course, and they finally finish making sure all their colored pencils and paper are together and their mini flashlights have batteries (and if you've ever wondered if the beams on those tiny little things reach the front mirror...they do) and yup, you have your pillow. Ready to go!

Our little nephew turned one in November and he's walking now! We were itching to go up and visit him. He is talking a little now. He says Nana and thank you and Daddy and Mama. And he knows he cannot touch the Christmas tree. No. He can get his face just inches from the nearest ornaments though...that works too:) We had a really special time together enjoying breakfast and opening a few Christmas gifts. Kyler kept everyone entertained.

We always bring Emergen-C and NyQuil and any other cold fighting medicine we can think of on our trips just in case. A dear lady in our church had just given us a pure powdered vitamin C right before we left. It is very sour and not enjoyable. The little guys detested it, but we were making them drink some at least once a day. Well, we forgot to pack it, so when some of us got colds all we had was Emergen-C with us. I was giving it to Titus and Samuel one morning after they came down with the sniffles and Samuel says: "ugh, this is SO sweet! Liv, does this have SUGAR in it?! Cuz, you know, THAT would NOT be good!" Me, after giving him the eye: "Samuel, please just drink it." He continues sipping. Titus, in his slightly deeper thoughtful voice: "Yup, *looong knowing sigh*...we should have brought the sour stuff...*takes a sip of Emergen-C*'s waaaaay more EE-FFEC-tive." We died laughing and they wondered why we were taking this cold thing so lightly!

It was also VERY cold! We were told the temperature wasn't right for snow (but wait, the water bottles left in our van overnight were frozen rocks) so the littles prayed very hard for just a little snow and lo and behold! It did snow! Flurries really, but the most snow many of us have ever experienced. It was great to "hibernate" a little with lots of hot coffee, rich cappuccino and sweaters and blankets and a few games here and there.

There are a lot of pictures in this post, but I think half the fun of a blog post are the pictures! They encapsulate a little bit of everything on our trip.

I am so grateful to the Lord for mini get-aways, cold weather, hot coffee, heaters that work, seeing sweet friends, Emergen-C and moments that are memories. He is so good to us!


Early morning travels...

I love this of the brothers...talking and waiting for Bandit to come out of his doggy hole. 

Phase Ten! We really missed Ben and Paul this trip. Work kept them at home.

Titus in his own little world...

Breakfast at Josh and Heathers!

Look at his little intertwined fingers...he wasn't sure what to do at first.

Daddy, come and help me open this thing!

Playing with Ama...

He didn't know who to go to next with all of us in the room! Our little guys couldn't get enough snuggles out of him!

Grampy Neads and Treasure. We love you and are so thankful for you in our lives!

These two pictures crack us up! Only Grandpa would give him cookies...his Mama sure wasn't going to do it! He knows who to go to now:)

Never enough hugs from the Aunts...


So many things to explore out there...

Thankful for you Meg...

For some reason he really loved this spot! And he loves to sing, so we sang The Itsy, Bitsy Spider while he sat there:)

A trip to Kilwins Candy Shop is always in the schedule. It has this nostalgic, 
old timey feel that is so cozy! 

I know it was in the 20's that day, but I couldn't resist trying the ice-cream! It actually complimented the cold weather quite well:)

Don't you love his hat? Mom made it and he loves it!

A short photography lesson. Rule #1: Don't drop the camera!


We loved seeing our sweet Travis again! The little guys loved playing with you Travis! Tell your Daddy to bring you for a visit to FL really soon, ok?!

Trying our hand at a little shootin'. It was pretty hilarious! Everything felt so big and heavy, and the scope?...what scope?!

Singing and talking around the only source of heat in 17 degree weather! Good times.

"Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness. They drop upon the pastures of the wilderness: and the little hills rejoice on every side. The pastures are clothed with flocks; the valleys also are covered over with corn; they shout for joy, they also sing." Psalm 65:11-13


  1. I LOVED seeing all the pictures especially of sweet Kyler<3!!! I am reminded of Treasure as a baby when I see Kyler....The story of the boys and Emergen-C is funny! But I miss the curls!!! I like y'all's hair much better with curls:-)

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the post! So glad yall got to go visit kyler....