Monday, February 2, 2015

A Visit with the Cousins...

Baby Angel of course stole the show all day! We love his little personality starting to develop. The way he scrunches up his face when he laughs. The way he will just stare at you with his big eyes for minutes on end. Our littles are pretty much enthralled with babies right now. They're a wonder to them. Titus is seven and the "baby" of our family, so playing and snuggling with a 10 month old is something a little new for him and Samuel both. We had to tell them a couple of times to not leave Angel standing by himself because he can't actually walk yet and if you do that he will fall to the floor! We love watching the awe and pleasure on their faces. 

My Dad and my Uncle (Angels grandfather) look very much alike. So much so that I think Angel was a little confused if this was his Grandpa or not!


Trying on his "Uncles" shades...

Love this picture of Luke. He was so relaxed that day and loved Angel too.

Peter especially had an attachment to Angel. He couldn't keep his hands off of him! 
They were so sweet together.

He loves to "sing". We would sing "Jesus Loves Me", and then he would have his turn:)

Samuel thought Angel kept spitting up a bit and he would say: "uh-oh, he keeps doing that", and then he would get a napkin and wipe it away. We finally noticed what he was doing and told him that that's a very normal thing for a baby and it's actually not spit-up but drool because his little teeth are coming in! He laughed his little laugh and said: "Ohhhhh, wow, ok!" Will wonders never cease?!

And of course Angels toys attract boys off all ages:)

Just look at him!!

Ronald wanted us to try his special smoothie recipe and it really was so good!

We love you so much!

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