Friday, February 6, 2015

The Love Tank...

Even when I was little and seemingly without a care in the world, I still had sad or hard days. It may have been a spanking I got that day (which makes any little person feel terrible!) or maybe I just felt like I would be little for forever. (how sad and discouraging right?) I remember Mama's recliner in her room. A soft faded pink; extra cushy. We would talk there. She would tell me it was like an empty hallow feeling inside and that my love tank was low. Lots of things could help fill that tank. A hug, a card in the mail, a call from Abuela, an: "I love you my big-girl" from Daddy or praying with Mama about whatever was bothering me and letting Jesus know my heart. For me as a little person, her analogy made perfect sense and it's something I never forgot. I would leave her room ready to face my small world challenges all over again! Even as an adult now, I still feel like we could all relate to that analogy some days, right?

I had my wisdom teeth pulled out this week and was definitely feeling a little "puny". Would you believe it, but some very dear friends dropped in and surprised me with some of my favorite things! (A Blended Caramel Coffee + extra espresso? Yes.) I felt overwhelmingly loved and couldn't believe their thoughtfulness. It felt like that love tank was full and overflowing...


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