Planned Spontaneity...


Spontaneous visit through snowy weather. Just Dad and Mom. A new sweater for the grand-baby. Lots of laughs and many kisses. Tight hugs and a few tears...Sometimes, the unexpected trips and visits...are exactly what God had planned all along.


  1. What a sweet picture!! Ah, yes... a new sweater for the grand-baby is a VERY good reason for a spontaneous visit. It is adorable (and so is he)!!! BTW, I love your straight hair. It makes you look younger. You could be mistaken for his momma instead of his grand-momma. :)

  2. I agree. As a matter of fact...I had to enlarge photo....I thought it might be a relative. Love the pic

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  4. Judy and Valerie! You both made my day!! I think my grandson makes me young actually. He is the apple of my eye. Love you both!

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