Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bits of Life...

Well hello long neglected blog! It has been a busy couple of months for our family, but I failed to sit down and actually document all the happenings for you!

In less than a weeks time there will be a group of 15 of us boarding a plane for Honduras! This whole trip has been bathed in prayer and we continue to covet your prayers for the Lord's protection and direction as we endeavor to minister to the needy and win the hearts of the Honduran people to Jesus.
Below, you will find a few pictures I included of our "Change a Life" fundraiser. We are so grateful for the many who cooked all the food and decorated or supported financially! God miraculously blessed and we cannot thank everyone enough for your heartfelt support of our vision to feed those in desperate need.

In mid March we witnessed the happy union of a good friend of ours! Congratulations Andrew! We pray your new marriage will continue to grow richer and stronger in the Lord Jesus!  

I believe the rest of the pictures will give you a little view into our every day as of late...

Be blessed today! Que Dios Te Bendiga!

Anita was asked to do the cake and it came out beautifully!

The Happy Couple! Love this picture.

We just love our grandparents visits. 

You can never have too much baking going on!

My attempt at the Girl Scout "Samoa" cookie...whether they tasted like them or not, everyone ate them, so, I'm assuming that's a good sign?

We are sad to say we lost our little puppy, Happy, about 2 months ago. She was experiencing health complications that couldn't be explained and it was very apparent that she was suffering. It was a little bit of a shock seeing as she was only a puppy, but we are happy with the thought that we gave her a safe, protected home for the short time we had her. 

"Change a Life" fundraiser!

The food was absolutely amazing and we can't thank Mr. Frank and Mr. Bo enough for all the hard work they did smoking all of that chicken!

One of our little attendees that night:)

This wonderful women is a very dear friend of ours. She and her husband always come out to any of our functions. This picture of Samuel and Miss. Brenda was taken right after she gave him a 20 dollar bill to go towards his Honduras plane ticket! Samuel was in a slight state of shock and she had a good laugh and received a tight hug and a huge "Thank You".

Christiana and her husband won the beautiful afghan crocheted by our grandmother and donated for the fundraiser! 

Our grandmother was thrilled to have someone receive it with such enthusiasm.

(Part of the group who will be traveling to Honduras)

"But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word." Acts 6:4

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