Thursday, May 7, 2015

How Great Thou Art - Cuan Grande Es!

Dear Praying Friends!

Thank you for your interest in the Honduras Mission Trip and for taking the time to read and view the pictures that we are sending out. Alexis and I are attempting to convey a bit of what is taking place, but, times we feel that words fail. Stay with me as I carry you through yesterday, May 6th......

It was "the day".....the day that we have worked so hard for.....all the praying for funds, thanks for the gifts given, the exchange of funds for 'lempiras', the purchase of the food, and NOW....the giving.

Santiago preached about the feeding of the 5000 the Sunday before he left. 

"Jesus lifted up his eyes", 
he was moved with compassion, 
he called them to Himself 
and healed them, 
he had them sit down...
He gave thanks.......

and then the real banquet began......
His beautiful words on the mount....
Read Matthew 5 today, will you?

Here are some highlights of the day..........
The sweet smiling face with Anita is Gabriela, the Pastor's daughter. She is a servant just like her parents! Sets of siblings enjoying ice cream on a blazing hot day....a gift from Pastor Alfonzo. 
Mr. H and the team leaving the hotel compound. This compound is surrounded by the high block wall you see there to the left. The heavy gate is locked each time anyone enters or exits. It is very safe and everyone feels secure. We are so grateful for such nice accommodations......the rooms even have small air conditioners. This is truly a luxury as no one has air conditioning. After the hot days and a cold shower (because there is no hot water, but you don't really want it), it is refreshing to lie down in the cool air...
Our friend Gabriel P. exulting over the packaged food bags! The hard work is done! We were told they made 75 bags plus smaller portioned bags from the remnants. Remember Jesus said..."that none would be lost"?

Gabriel is standing in the church building. God has just blessed this small church with a roof. The next goal? A floor.
A mother fingering her daughter's new bracelet. Our friends Bev and Denise made 90 (!!) little bracelets each bearing a simple important message....."Jesus te Ama" (Jesus loves me)
Thank you Bev and Denise for your labor of love. These little girls and boys just love them!
"We are just about to see the families here in Honduras receive the food we've prayed so long for!
All of the clothes the the Pollock's Aunt Mary collected, and made...the clothes that everyone else brought, was so appreciated! Everything was gone by the end of the was such a big deal."

The waiting now for the people to come. Some of the people had already arrived a bit early and the girls are in the front setting up tables of clothing. Thank you to Mary P who generously collected and made items of clothing to be given!

Santiago and Pastor Alfonzo preaching!

The little girls so loved the bracelets that they were given...
"We wrote verses of scripture in the fly leaf of close to fifty Bibles today...Samuel couldn't write in Spanish so easily, so wanted to draw pictures! He drew the miracle of the fish..."
The team are inscribing EACH Bible with personal messages of Love....
and Samuel's picture of the letting down of the nets...for the "draught".
Luke 5: 1-11 is absolutely one of my favorite passages.
See the disciples sweating?
Platanos! I like that slicer. Platanos are cooked green bananas....quite delicious. The girls are not afraid to jump into the kitchen action. It looks like Ariana (bottom right) is using the unique "fry bowl" set in the cook top. The platanos will be crispy and yummy with the rice.
From Cilicia's Text:
"Today was a full day! It was so amazing to watch as people slowly walked into the church tonight, to receive the food we were giving away. I kept thinking of all of you back home, those that gave and prayed, those that worked so hard, believing that God would supply the food for so many. I was watching a reality of God's provision playing out right before me. A moment we had prayed about for so long! I looked across the isle and saw Rosa, so frail, and knew I couldn't realize all that it meant to her. Pastor Alfonso reminded us that so many live from day to day...
Some of the men walked down the dusty road with bags of food thrown over their shoulders, following the older ladies to their homes. Daddy drove the truck we had, and took others home who drove their bicycles to the church.
While we waited, we sat in the emptying church and started singing! Pastor tried to teach us in Spanish, and we sang with all our may not have been perfect in either Spanish or English, but we praised Jesus with true thankfulness! 
Pastor started singing the refrain of "How Great Thou Art" in Spanish...we joined in, singing in English. The small amount of people who were still there joined in, and I couldn't help but cry! 
"Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to thee,
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!
Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to thee,
How great Thou art, how GREAT Thou art!"
In both of our countries, we were both watching, anticipating, 
experiencing in personal ways God's greatness!"

Please continue to pray...the Lord is working in mighty, powerful ways!

"Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable."
Psalm 145:3


  1. So blessed with tears reading each update. And so glad for all of the beautiful servants hearts.
    The photos are wonderful. It's amazing how far we've come. I love fried's one of those foods associated with a memory ♡
    Praying for each of you. In Him

  2. Tina had given me your blog address so we could follow the wonderful work going on in Honduras. I also have been so blessed with tears reading each update. We are praying for them and are excited about how the Lord is using them as they serve Him. We so enjoyed having lunch & antique shopping with you and your daughter's and the Pollocks in Dade City last year. You and your daughter's have an enthusiasm and love for Jesus that truly shines. We were very blessed to meet you and hope we will see you again!
    Lisa Whitson