Sunday, May 10, 2015

La Lucha

Dear Readers!

We are now approaching the end of this momentous week in Cuyamel.....the team arrives home tomorrow evening. They will begin their travel in the morning from Honduras, switch planes in Atlanta and then arrive in Tampa AND acquire two hours (for the time difference)!

I call this post "La Lucha". It means "The Battle". This is what comes to mind as I review the days events. Consider these words from Charles Spurgeon:

Our kingdom is not of this world; else would God’s servants fight with sword and spear. Ours is a spiritual kingdom, and the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but spiritual, and mighty through God, to the pulling down of strongholds
A war against falsehood, a war against sin, is God’s war; it is a war which commends itself to every Christian man, seeing he is quite certain that he has the seal of God’s approval when he goes to wage war against God’s enemies. Beloved, we have no doubt whatever, when we lift up our voices like a trumpet against sin, that our warfare is justified by the eternal laws of justice.
Note the "FEELS LIKE" temperature! Water from little bags never tasted better!

Soccer balls were given to young boys...notice the faded ball Jon-Michael is holding?

Sharing Life-giving Words....

Children are receptive, honest, and hopeful!

"This little girl was named Sweet Miracle. She is eight weeks old and has already had a surgery. She has a condition, Spina Bifida. We were able to pray for her and her mom."

"Snook...preparing the fish for the noon meal..."

"Here's another from last night...All of us went up to pray with some young people...and the five of us about to share our testimony..."

Waging war with PRAYER...
Our prayer was answered when we asked God to move the hearts of young people for Christ.
Gabriel, Ariana, Cilicia, Ben, and Jon-Michael sharing their salvation testimonies as 
Pastor Santiago translates.

"Here is a group picture of some of the young people last night..."

Thank you for entering "la lucha" with us through prayer. God bless each and every one of you!
May the Lord grant mercy in travel tomorrow....


  1. So glad their time has been so prosperous.... We will pray for a safe return and smooth transition at airports!

  2. Praying for a safe return of the team & thankful the Lord used them in so many ways!