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To our dear blog readers.....My husband, Santiago, seven of our children, and six additional team members are in Honduras this week. We will be posting pictures and accounts of this trip for the next few posts. I pray that you will join us as we "follow" them along the journey in prayer...

The little country of Honduras is located in Central America, bordered by Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and just a bit of ocean away from Belize. Cuyamel is a small village located near the ocean on the western border just a few miles from Guatemala. We met a dear pastor and his family who minister in Cuyamel.....they have a heart for the poor. The Lord has give us much grace to be able help just a little with the burden.....

Our team of 14 has just arrived in Cuyamel. Here a few images of the beginning of the trip. The goal is to purchase food from local farmers and bulk staple items from nearby stores and to distribute the food to people who need it.

Lift them up in prayer, will you?

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  1. Absolutely! Look forward to seeing more of their trip and hearing all about it.


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